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Mostrando entradas de mayo, 2013

Varela Neighborhood

Varela is a neighborhood that is postponed, on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. It is one of the first social housing units in this city.
When I walked through the streets I found Davíd, one resident of the neighborhood. He likes to get old and rare cars and fix them. It is a somewhat expensive hobby, which is why the re-run cars over a long time.   This car has about two years in front of his house.
Maybe in 2014 we hear his engine again.

Commissioned for TV commercial

I made about 60 watercolors at different stages, most of them on the site. I also participated in the filming and I painted live during the same. Watercolors on paper Shoeler, 300g If you interesting in view something more, please go to my set in Flickr.

Fui contratado para crear el material de esta publicidad. La idea fué pintar los trabajos de la protagonista, una profesora de pintura, y además todos los trabajos de los alumnos. En total unas 60 acuarelas, muchas de ellas dibujadas en el sitio. La filmación se realizó en Punta Ballena, Uruguay. Durante la misma, se me pidió pintar en el momento de la filmación en la escena donde la mujer sopla. Acuarelas sobre papel fino Shoeler. 300g.