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Mostrando entradas de marzo, 2015

Workshop itinerante: a dibujar la ciudad en Marzo

About the workshops The proposal consists of three modules or workshops to be held for 3 weekends. Participants can choose to enroll in one of the modules or take the full course. The course is designed to meet the basic needs of an urban artist. The first and second module are basic for all participants, no previous experience is required. The third module is intended for artists with intermediate experience. WORKSHOP M1 How to set a point of view Location: Lincoln Road March 27-29 Workshop description: One of the biggest challenges in a sketch is the drawing's composition. The balance and harmony between shapes and objects are vital. To achieve the harmonious composition we are looking for we need to know to establish interesting points of views. The essence of the composition is that all parties should be in a particular place or position and play the role that corresponds favoring them all. It is almost impossible to prescribe specific rules that